Sweet Failure

Sweet Failure

It’s no secret.  I LOVE COOKIES!  I think that they are the single greatest food on the planet, and I have been known to ask for birthday cookies instead of birthday cake.  That is why I was super excited to find a recipe for healthy banana cookies.  Yes!  Not only did these cookies promise to be cheap and healthy, buy they also required only two ingredients which I love: bananas and oatmeal.  I could absolutely not wait to try out the recipe found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNgqo8rlnzA

However, despite my enthusiasm, I failed.  I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about cookie making, and I can tell you this: cookies are not supposed to be bouncy, rubbery, squishy, or shiny.  My cookies managed to be all of these things.  Better yet, when I bit into them, it tasted a lot like a raw plantain.  Yuck.

So maybe it was my own fault that this didn’t work out.  First of all, I didn’t use a food processor; I used a blender.  I didn’t know if that would really matter, but it probably didn’t do much to help my case.  Second, I didn’t make 4 huge cookies like the video suggested.  Instead, I made bite-size treats because that is how I like my cookies.  I ALWAYS make small cookies.  No exceptions.  Also, I didn’t use an overripe banana.  I used an slightly greenish one, which definitely messed up the whole experience.  As soon as I peeled the banana, I knew that the cookie wasn’t going to turn out.  Lastly, I didn’t make banana ice cream to put on them.  I am sure this was the ultimate cause of my demise.  I thought that peanut butter would make a nice topping, but I would sure not recommend it. 

Now, I must admit it; I have not completely given up on these guilt-free cookies.  I think that I may make a few modifications to what I did (like, I might actually follow the directions) and try them again.  I really want these to turn out because I really want to be able to eat a cookie without feeling guilty.  Stay posted; there may be another baking story coming soon 🙂

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