Fashion vs. Style

Fashion vs. Style


noun  \  a prevailing custom or style of dress
Anyone can be fashionable; it’s easy.  You go to Macy’s or Nordstrom, and you buy dresses off the rack.  You look through the catalogue, and you pair the mass-produces dress with a pair of mass-produced shoes.  You purchase a brand-name handbag head out the door.  Congratulations.  You are officially another fashion clone, and you will spend the rest of your life purchasing new outfits on a seasonal basis.  The good news is that you ALWAYS look cute!


noun  \  an elegant or luxurious mode of living
A select few are born with style.  Style requires an innate ability to pair random items together and wear them with confidence.  From my vantage point, people with style generally dress at thrift stores and other unique locales.  They acquire items that make others look twice, and they are constantly being asked, “Where did you get that?”  They have dozens of pieces of clothing that can be paired into hundreds of outfits, and they wear the same pieces hundreds of time before replacing them.  Those with style can dress any way they want: classic, trendy, vintage, or modern.  The world is their stage.
So what is your opinion on fashion and style? Are you Fashionable or Stylish?  Tell me in the comments below!

One thought on “Fashion vs. Style

  1. I’m frugal (read: cheap!) so I always try to remain true to my own style and ignore trends, for the most part. I love style because it evolves so much with you, whereas fashion changed because of other people. Great post!


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