College: Miserable and Marvelous

College: Miserable and Marvelous

I know you.  You have watched countless episodes of Boy Meets World, and you cannot wait to move into your dorm room, decorate it in your favorite colors, and start learning keys that will help you with the rest of your life.  However, you have also spent many hours searching for the perfect college and feeling absolutely helpless, scared, and apprehensive.  College is the one thing that has managed to both excite you and terrify you all at once.

How do I know this? Because you are me.  Last year this time, I was sitting on the floor of my living room with a spreadsheet comparing which college would best suit me.  I took into account the weather, the number of students, the price of tuition, the dress code, etc.  What I wanted was the ability to look into the future and see which college I had chosen.  Last year, I wondered how I would really adjust to college life;  I went to the same school for thirteen years, and my best friends had been with me my entire life.  But I knew that college would be different.  I would have new teachers, new classmates, a new church, and a new living situation.  College was an unknown, scary, huge monster staring me in the face.  I cried myself to sleep more times than I can count.

But I have good news for you.  You don’t have to go through all of that.  Why?  I am the long-awaited person coming back from their first semester of college that will tell you how attending a small Christian college really is.  The truth? College is miserable and marvelous.  Let me explain:

On one hand, college is completely different than high school.  You will move away from your parents, eat 21 meals a week in a cafeteria, make new friends, completely reboot your life schedule, and spend quite a few moments in absolute misery.  I am not going to lie to you.  There were definitely times (especially the first week) that I was afraid to even open my mouth because I knew that I would burst into tears.  I missed my parents, my friends, and my teammates.

However, as soon as I got into the swing of things, as soon as I made a few friends, as soon as realized how much I LOVED my new church (and I would HIGHLY recommend getting involved in a church ASAP), I started to fall in love with college.  Let me tell you why.  In college, the classes are extremely applicable.  I love my Bible classes because they have taught me more about my Savior than I could have ever imagined learning.  My professors are geniuses.  I can’t even comprehend how they know some of the facts they know.  My job is awesome!  I get to spend hours every day with kids.  My church family is terrific.  They definitely seek to serve the Lord in all they do.

All of that is to say this:  don’t let the looming promise of college overwhelm you.   Instead pray for guidance.  If you can’t decide which college is right for you, do this: choose one and sleep on it.  If you still like your decision in the morning, go for it.  If you hate your decision, go with the other college.  Don’t worry.  College is absolutely awesome.  And all those freaky unknowns that are killing you?  They really aren’t that bad.


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