What if?

What if?

I know that it is a bad practice, but I love asking, “What if?” – especially when it comes to historical events.  What if Moses had refused to go back to Egypt after years in Midian?  What if the Native Americans had discovered Europe instead of vice-versa?  What if the Black Hand had not killed Archduke Ferdinand?  What if Jesus had not been born in a manger.

It’s true; Jesus did not deserve such a lowly birth.  What if He had chosen to come as He deserved?  Surely then He would have been accepted by the Jews as their King.  Had the Jews accepted the Kingdom offer, would Jesus have died on the cross?

Maybe these questions seem unnecessary.  You can’t change the past, so it doesn’t matter how it would have been.  But I still wonder.  What if?…How would life be different?…Will we someday realize the change God made by doing things His perfect way?…What if?

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