Morning Glory

Morning Glory



There is something about mornings that calms me.  When I first step outside of my dorm, it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing–the sun could be shining, rain could be pouring, fog could be looming–I feel peace, serenity, belonging.

Fresh.  The crisp air cleanses my face and opens my eyes to the truths that evaded me the night before.  At night, everything is ominous.  The day has been hard, and all I want is to sleep.  I want to escape from the trials of the day.  But the morning brings possibilities.  The plot is unwritten, and I am a contributing editor; I can add my thoughts to the book.

Solitary.  As I walk the few blocks to the cafeteria, the only Person I encounter is my Creator.  I observe His handiwork in the fragrant buds, rising sun, and chirping birds.  He is the One who has given me this day.  My duty now is to live it for Him.

Alive.  And so, having embraced the day, I open the door of the school and continue on to breakfast.  My day has started with the brilliant splendor of the morning.  It is going to be a good day.

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