Top Ten Tuesday: Freshman Year

Top Ten Tuesday: Freshman Year


It’s been a wild ride.  Besides tubing down the New River, playing late night games of mafia and Nerf wars in dark, abandoned classrooms, sledding down steep hills, sliding across baby-oil slathered tarps, and taking late night strolls downtown for smoothies, the year has been filled with daunting projects, killer quizzes, and ominous exams.  Most nights were late–some because I was socializing in the lounge while watching Frozen, some because I was pacing the stairwell trying to memorize facts about the life of Christ, and some because my brain had too many thoughts to be silenced for sleep.  But now, it’s all over.  The seniors marched through the auditorium on Friday and received their diplomas.  They turned their tassels.  They have reached their goal.

This first year of college cost me quite a bit–monetarily, emotionally, and physically.  However, it gave me even more things–new friends, amazing memories, and a wealth of knowledge.  So here for you are the…

Top 10 Things I Learned Freshman Year

1. It’s okay to change your mind.

And I do change my mind on a seemingly constant basis (I’m not indecisive, am I?).  I came to college with an unbendable desire to teach fourth grade.  At the current moment, I have no idea what I want to do with my life.  Teach? Photograph? Travel? The options are endless.  Only God knows the outcome, which brings me to my second point.

2. God’s will is my sanctification.

As I’ve said before, I wish someone had explained this to me years ago.  God’s greatest desire is for me to become like His Son.

3.  I need time alone.

Sometimes the friendliest place is a solitary bench.  Yet, …

4. I need my friends.

I need to know that there are people who love me, are praying for me, and will do absolutely anything for me.  Because I change my mind, I need advice.  Because God is putting me through trials to make me like Christ, I need companionship.  While the solitary bench can be friendly, it can also be lonely.  I often need someone to fill the empty space beside me.

5. Hot tea is awesome!

It warms the soul, calms the heart, and quenches the anxious mind (all while being healthy).

6. I know nothing.

And I don’t know why I ever thought I knew anything.  My ignorance and stupidity are glaring.

7. God’s Ways are not Our ways.

Our ways are simple, but His ways are perfect.

8.  Mornings are glorious.

Serene, calm, still: they provide time for me to be alone with my Savior.

9. I actually like all those foods I never tried as a kid.

Oatmeal? Warm and filling.  Watermelon? Sweet and summery.  Cauliflower? Buttery and smooth.  Cottage Cheese? Creamy and sweet.  Green beans? Nope, those are still disgusting.

10.  Jehovah Jireh is my Provider; His grace is sufficient for me.

He gave me strength at my weakest moments.  He gave me peace in the midst of storms.  He gave me health when others were ill.  He gave me sustenance when I was hungry.  He gave me rest when my heart was anxious.  He gave me wealth when I felt poor.  He gave me friends in the midst of enemies.  He gave me direction when I lost my way.  He never gave less than or more than what I needed.  He never makes a mistake, and I will trust Him eternally.

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