Top Ten Tuesday: Health Helpers

Top Ten Tuesday: Health Helpers


I know.  Your day starts at the crack of dawn and you don’t get a break until your head falls onto the pillow in the early morning hours.  Exercise is not something you have time for.  Here are some suggestions to live a little healthier in your hectic world.

Top 10 easy ways promote healthy living today:

  1. Go for a run/jog/walk during your lunch break.
  2. Eat oatmeal for breakfast.  If you want a new, flavorful recipe, check out  My favorite is the Overnight Orange Dreamsicle Oatmeal recipe.
  3. Do a pop song challenge on the Blogilates YouTube channel.
  4. Carry (and drink from) a water bottle.
  5. Enjoy my Peanut Butter Paradise Pudding recipe for a snack today.
  6. Choose poultry, nuts, or beans as your next source of protein.
  7. Spend the afternoon outside.
  8. Clean your kitchen.
  9. Do ten burpees RIGHT NOW (if you are at work, stretch out your arms and legs).
  10. Smile, laugh, and embrace life.

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