A Western Refashion

A Western Refashion


In my hometown, there is a catalog outlet that is open three days a month.  During those three days, the usually neglected strip mall is bustling with silver-haired ladies.  Despite the fact that I don’t fit in with this crowd, I try to swing by the store a couple times a year for one soul reason: the clearance section.  Located in what used to be the pharmaceutical section of this converted Eckerd Drugstore is a series of cardboard boxes loaded with clothes (mostly slippers, housecoats, and granny-panties) for $1.  There is always another box on the floor marked “free.”  This box contains clothes that were cut apart for samples or damaged in some other way.  The shirt pictured above was salvaged from the free box.

As you can see from the second picture, there was a 3-inch square cut from the tail of the shirt.  My pinking shears had no problem cutting off the excess fabric.  I simply undid the bottom front button and tied up the loose ends to complete this no-sew refash.

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