One Shirt, Two Projects

One Shirt, Two Projects


Remember when I posted this free refash from a cut sample shirt?  Well, that wasn’t the only damaged piece I found for free that day.  I also snagged a beige, polka-dot, button-down top.  Even without the rip, this shirt did not have much going for it.  First of all, it was 100% genuine polyester (yuck!).  Add the fact that it was two sizes too big and had a weird panel-thing, and I almost decided to forgo the freebie…but I am too frugal to leave behind cute polka-dots.  And it’s a good thing I acquired this shirt–it became two awesome pieces!

For the first piece, I started by cutting off the sleeves and the offensive panel.  All I wanted to do was make this into a sleeveless top.  Simple as pie!


Good riddance!
Good riddance!

Then, I pinned the armholes to be sewn, ran it through the sewing machine, and–oh, wait–it’s still two sizes too big…forgot about that 🙂 .  I simply took in a few inches on each side and I was good to go.  It paired nicely with a black, beige, and yellow polka-dot skirt that was also free (I love hand-me downs) and a pair of free sandals ( I love Christmas presents!).  The only item in today’s outfit that I actually purchased is the belt–a $1 Goodwill find.


The second project almost did not happen.  I was about to throw away the sleeve remnants when I thought to myself, “There’s got to be a use for these.”  Then it occurred to me…

My Bible is falling apart.  The entire map section is on an excursion, and Genesis 1-3 is planning a revolt.  In short, I needed something that could keep my Bible unified.  I had been looking at Bible cases online, but I had not found one that met my criteria: unique, colorful, cheap.  As I searched through scrap fabric to compliment the discarded sleeves, this project came to mind.


DIY Bible Cover:


  • Stretchy book cover
  • Sleeve cuffs (or ribbon and velcro/buttons)
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle, thread, pins, scissors, etc.


  •  If you are using a sleeve, rip the seam to remove the  cuff from the sleeve.  Re-seam the cuff into a single strip.
Sew like so
Sew like so
  • Cut the cuff in half and sew a seam on the two new edges.
  • Pull the book cover onto your Bible.
  • Leaving the cuff buttoned, pin it to book cover on both the back and the front (Be careful to not pin through your Bible!)


  • Unbutton the cuff, and remove the book cover.
  • Carefully (so as to not sew through both layers of the book cover), sew the cuff along its seams to attach it to the book cover.  Repeat of back side.
  • Replace the book cover on your Bible.
Ready to be used!
Ready to be used!


And there you have it! I know that those directions are kind of confusing, so feel free to ask any questions!

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