Top Ten Tuesday: Gulliver Travels

Top Ten Tuesday: Gulliver Travels

Meet Gulliver.  This trusty ducky recently traveled out west to assist me on a missions trip.  From a secure seat in my backpack, this rubber buddy flew over 4,000 miles.

We soared out of NC on Friday and spent a week in New Mexico with the Navajo people. The following Friday, we hopped over to Tucson, Arizona to visit family. After some delayed flights, we finally arrived back in Raleigh today.

Here are ten things he did (and I did too 🙂 )

Ten Things Gulliver Did Out West

1. Ate at Rudy’s in Albuquerque


This small chain of meat markets sells meat by the pound and a small selection of sides. My delicious baked potato was loaded with pulled pork, but they also serve turkey, brisket, and a plethora of other meats.



2. Bobbed on a see-saw


The Navajo children spent hours on a set of I homemade wooden see-saws. They loved to pile three or four people to each side and pop up and down. I was amazed that they never tired of this toy, and their laughter filled my heart with joy.



3. Drank water (and lots of it!)


Dry heat was a whole new experience for me. I liked it…for about five minutes. I never thought that I would actually miss sweating, but the tingling sensation confused my eastern skin.



4. Shopped the Skymall


As a girl, the Skymall is one of the best ways to spend a flight.



5. Was followed by a stray dog


When one of our group leaders first spotted this dog chasing rabbits around the “big house,” we assumed that he was just another wild dog. One of the team members was sure that he had rabies and was going to injure one of the he children. However, this gorgeous pup, who hi affectionately became known as Buddy, won our hearts. Our team leader even wanted to take him home by the end of the week.



6. Experienced airport delays


Long delays. So long, in fact, that I earned a few unexpected minutes in the California sunshine and a whole extra night with family in Arizona.



7. Climbed Mt. Lemmon


Mountains are nothing new to me. I grew up with weekly Blue Ridge I hiking trips. Compared to tho hose lush green strolls, the Tucson mountains were very craggy and dry. Comparing NC with AZ is comparing apples to oranges.



8. Wore Jamberry nails


If you haven’t been invited to an online Jamberry nail party, you are missing out. This latest trend makes a perfect at-home manicure achievable for anyone.



9. Played with my new camera


Yay! No more point and shoot! I saved all summer to purchase my first DSLR. My uncle taught me the basics, and I photographed my cousin with his skateboard. I cannot wait for all the pictures yet to come!



10. Loved every minute

I could not have asked for a better trip. Was it hot? Yes, pleasantly. Were the delays annoying? Yeah, but I was able to spend extra time with my family. Did some of the food taste funny? Of course, neither I nor my mom cooked it. But was it a good trip? Undoubtedly!

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