DIY Dorm Organization

DIY Dorm Organization


With college starting in a few weeks, many freshman are seeking ways to organize their new rooms.  However, purchasing dorm kits can get expensive, and if there is anything that a freshman needs to learn, it is how to save money.

Instead of paying high dollars for the typical dorm kit, use sites like Pinterest and Dollar Store Crafts to inspire DIY organization. Here are a few of my personal tricks.

1. For under-bed storage, wrap shoe boxes with dollar store wrapping paper or contact paper.

2. Buy a second-hand mini-fridge. If you don’t like the color, you can wrap the door (or the entire fridge) in contact paper.

3. Re-purpose high school locker shelves into desktop book storage.

4. Decorate tin cans to store pens, markers, and pencils.


What are your tips for cheap college storage?



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