Top Ten Tuesday: Fall

Top Ten Tuesday: Fall


I don’t like fall.  I’m sorry.  I just don’t.  I like certain aspects of fall–bonfires, apples, pumpkin, and the colors of the leaves–but I generally don’t like fall.  I don’t like cold weather, closed-toe shoes, and shorter days.  I don’t like football, raking leaves, or wearing long pants to run.  I dread fall every year, but it comes anyway.  Here are ten facts about fall, and how it makes me feel.

Top Ten Tuesday:  Fall

1.  The average temperature drops during fall.

Do I really need to further explain my hatred of cold weather?  Sweaters are itchy, coats are bulky, and boots are clunky.  It’s just bad. 

2. Bonfires are a popular fall tradition.

I do love bonfires.  They smell amazing, and I love the warm glow against my face.  Just thinking about bonfires makes me want to sit on a log and sing with friends. 

3. Leaves turn brilliant colors.

This fact has its pros and cons.  On one hand, the artsy photographer in me enjoys snapping shots of the colorful trees.  However, I know that the leaves will soon fall and the trees will be bare.  Oh well.  I will just enjoy the beauty while it lasts. 

4. The days start getting shorter.

Daylight Savings Time messes with my brain.  I wish that the sun rose every morning at 7:00 am sharp and set at 9:00 pm year round. 

5. Autumn has some awesome produce.

Pumpkin, spinach, apples, squash, and peppers are some of my favorite fruits and veggies.  Thank you, fall!

6. Sunflowers bloom in fall.

I must admit that sunflowers are possibly my favorite flower.  They are just so, well, sunny.  They are bright, cheery, and happy.  Gorgeous. 

7.  On fall equinox, an egg can stand on end without falling over.

…or so I am told…I’ve never actually tried this.

8. Nuts! Nuts are another great gift of fall.

My house back home has a Chinese Chestnut tree.  The “fruit” grows in spiky, spheres that could kill a person (not really, but they HURT1).  Pecans are probably my favorite fall nut, however.

9.  It rains a lot in fall.

This is a good excuse to wear rain boots.  Quirky rain boots make me smile. 

10.  Maybe fall isn’t so bad after all?

Bonfires, apples, pumpkin, rain boots, pecans, pretty leaves, sunflowers. 

What are your thoughts on fall?

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