Top Ten Tuesday: Autumn Essentials

Top Ten Tuesday: Autumn Essentials


As the days grow shorter and the air chills, my wardrobe changes drastically.  While I would prefer to wear sleeveless tops and sandals year-round, goose bumps and frozen toes force me to stow away the shorts and extricate the sweaters.  Below are the ten items most used items in my fall ensembles.


Ten Fall Wardrobe Staples

1. Long-sleeved oxfords

Although oxfords were traditionally worn by only men, they have become a staple in most women’s wardrobes.  I find them very versatile–they can be worn with jeans, dress pants, skirts, and even dresses.  You can roll up the sleeves or leave them down.

Pictured: Ralph Lauren, J Crew, American Eagle

2. Boots

Keep those legs warm and dry!

Pictured: Bamboo

3. Knee-length skirts

If its warm, knee-length skirts can be warn with simple flats.  When the weather grows colder, add tights and boots to the ensemble.

Pictured: Merona, Gap, Banana Republic, Belk

4. Jeans

Nothing shouts “FALL” louder than jeans and sweaters.

Pictured: Old Navy, American Eagle, Banana Republic

5. Hoodies

Admit it.  There are days when you just feel like wearing a hoodie and leaving your hair in a ponytail.  Hoodies are also great to carry with you to a bonfire–warm evenings quickly chill when the sun sets!

Pictured: High school and college team hoodies

6. Cardigans

Outside temperature: 50

Inside Temperature: 72

Solution: a cardigan

Pictured: J Crew (yes, all of them!)
Pictured: J Crew (yes, all of them!)

7. Dress pants

Invest in a classic pair of dress pants for looking professional when it’s cold out. I snagged these at a consignment shop for $3.

pictured: Bass
pictured: Bass

8. Ballet flats

Just like the oxford, flats can be worn with jeans, skirts, dresses, and dress pants.

Pictured: Refashioned, Unknown, Papaya, No Call, No Call


9. Long-sleeved dresses

Pair with tights and boots for chilly Sunday mornings.

Pictured: LOFT

10. Boat shoes

Boat shoes pair well with jeans and hoodies when you are heading out to a bonfire.

Pictured: Sperry



What are your fall wardrobe staples?  Do you ever succumb to wearing hoodies and old jeans on cold days?

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