When Distracted, Try to–Ice Cream!

When Distracted, Try to–Ice Cream!


I am distracted.

Severely distracted.  When I sit down to study, I have my laptop, phone, iPad, books, study guides–I don’t focus on any one of them for more than thirty seconds.

My WordPress dashboard is filled with unpublished recipes.  I am in the middle of reading at least five books right now.  There are three Word documents, two PowerPoint presentations, and an Excel spreadsheet cluttering my taskbar.  Rather than reviewing for tomorrow’s exam, I am typing a post that I know I will not publish today (just to prove it: Today’s date is October 6, 2014).

The same is true in my Christian walk. There are a million distractions trying to steal my attention from the Savior.  I wake up in the morning determined pray without ceasing and focus on Christ, but within five minutes, my radar is spotted with other pursuits.

Are these distractions necessarily bad things? No!

I am distracted by school assignments.  I am distracted by my friends.  I am distracted by food.  I am distracted by work.  I am even distracted by church and ministry.

Martha is a perfect picture of being distracted.  She was working hard preparing the meal and cleaning the kitchen; she wanted everything to be perfect for Jesus.  Meanwhile, her sister Mary sat at Jesus’ feet.  Martha was appalled that her sister was not serving the Savior, but Martha was “cumbered about much serving” (Luke 10:40).  It is likely that Mary and Martha had equal zeal for God.  However, Martha became so engrossed in doing things for Jesus that she failed to be with Jesus.

It is easy to become burdened with God’s work.  We want to make sure that our churches are beautiful and we have good programs for children.  We plan women’s conferences, and the men host work days.  Let us not become so distracted by serving our Savior that we forget to worship Him.


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