Top Ten Tuesday: Shirt Storage

Top Ten Tuesday: Shirt Storage

I have an embarrassing number of shirts.  I considered counting just my school shirts to give you an idea how high that number is, but (like I said) it’s embarrassing.  When you consider that I also have dozens of t-shirts from playing sports in high school, the number becomes alarmingly massive.  It’s bad.

You may be thinking to yourself, “She lives in a dorm room!  Where does  she keep them all?”

It gets tight, but there are ways to fit everything in the drawers and closet.

Here, let me show you some options…

Ten Ways to Store Shirts

1. The Quarter Fold


2. The Store-style Fold


3. The File Fold*


*This is how I store my t-shirts.  Yes, they are in ROY G. BIV order because I may or may not be am OCD.

4. The “I Bought Every Hanger at Dollar General” Hang


5.  The “I Ran Out of Hangers” Hang


6. The Sausage Roll


7. The “Is this Clean?” Wad*


*This seems to be my brother’s go-to method.

8. The “I Forgot I Owned This!” Smash


9. The Lazy Hang


10.  The “I Only Need to Fit One More Shirt In Here!” Bundle



Hope you enjoyed this laughable post!

How do you store your shirts?

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