All for Good – Part 1

All for Good – Part 1



Grimly, the doctor approaches the family waiting room of the trauma department. He has always hated this part of his job, but it seems all too common. Mentally preparing for the upcoming tears, he twists the door handle. Avoiding eye contact, he grasps his hands together and says, “I’m sorry. We were too late.” As the mother sobs, the visiting chaplain pats her shoulder. “It’s okay,” he asserts. “God works all things together for good.” The mother only wails louder. “He was my son!” She cries, “How can this be good?”

In current-day America, Romans 8:28 has become a trite assurance that unfavorable circumstances are always short-lived. When a father loses his job, a mother unexpectedly dies, or children develop serious health issues, many acquaintances offer quick words of encouragement. “God works all things for good,” they remind the mourners. Misuse has made Romans 8:28 an empty slogan of relief. However, even a superficial glance at the context of Romans shows that Paul did not intend for this statement to be a haphazard sliver of reassurance.

For the next few days, I will be posting a compilation of the research I have done on Romans 8:28.  Be sure to read every post and comment with your opinion.  I would love to hear your thoughts about God working everything for good!

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