Top Ten Tuesday: Making a Wish

Top Ten Tuesday: Making a Wish


“What is wrong with the VCR?!”  my younger self questioned one morning as I watched The Price is Right.

My brother looked at me confused.  “What do you mean? It’s working fine.”

“Yeah, but it’s not showing the time anymore!”  I exclaimed.  “There are just four vertical lines!”

My brother didn’t answer.  A moment later, the clock read 11:12, and I realized my own stupidity.

I now have the habit of making wishes at 11:11.  I know that a certain time of day has no merit when requesting miracles, but for some reason, I continue to wish.

Today is 11/11.   That means that at 11:11, it will be 11:11, 11/11.  Blow on some candles, toss a coin in the well, and make a wish.

10 wishes from college classmates:

I wish… 

1.  …my research paper was done.

2. …that man could see as God sees.

3. …it would snow.

4. …to see my family.

5. …I had an A in Dr. Hullinger’s class.

6. …class was cancelled today.

7. …I had a roommate.

8. …I had slept longer last night.

9. …the cafeteria served Bojangles chicken.

10. …I could fly.


What do you wish?

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