What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday


When I was younger, I desperately wanted an American Girl doll.  I treated the catalogues like love notes, saving and memorizing every one I received in the mail (in fact I still have all the catalogues and magazines that have been sent to me since Fall of 2001).  I saved my pennies.  I devoured the books.  I purchased purses, lotion, pins, trading cards, and ornaments.  I never bought a doll.


In 2001, the Kit doll that I wanted cost $89–an incomprehensible fortune for a first grader.  Now, the same doll can set a parent back $115.  While I could probably afford to buy myself a doll (and maybe one of these days I will bite the bullet and do it), I will just dress myself like one for now.


Dress:  Forever (consignment)

Coat: Guess (eBay, gifted)

Tights: Walmart

Boots: Bamboo (gifted)

Earrings, bracelet, pin, and hair clip: gifted


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