DIY Laptop Skin

DIY Laptop Skin


When I bought my laptop in November 2012, price was my main concern, not appearance.  I must admit, though, I am a lover of all things girly, and my plain black laptop announcing the computer’s brand did not fit my personality at all.  For less than $1 and a few minutes, I made my laptop a unique Kat creation.

DIY Laptop Skin


  • Scissors (on hand)
  • Ruler (on hand)
  • Contact paper (on hand or $1 for a roll)
    • Total: Free – $1


  • Measure the area of your laptop which you plan to cover with contact paper.  I recommend leaving a small border around the outside of your laptop lid.  Otherwise, the contact paper will easily peel off.
  • Mark the contact paper to fit the measured dimensions and cut.
  • Peel back one corner of the contact paper to reveal the adhesive side.  stick this corner on its desired location on the laptop.
  • Slowly, simultaneously peel off the rest of the contact paper’s backing and press the contact paper to the laptop lid with the ruler.  This will smooth the paper and prevent air bubbles.
  • Use the ruler to rub out any remaining air bubbles.
  • Show off your personalized, stylish new laptop lid!



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