DIY Photo Booth for Kids

DIY Photo Booth for Kids


As the days get colder, your children are much less likely to want to play outside.  So what do you do on these frigid inside days to ward off cabin fever?

One of the first wintry days this year, I constructed a photo booth in the daycare room.  The kids loved it!  They would have spent hours letting me take pictures of them with various props.  Below are instructions on how to keep your own rambunctious little ones entertained.

DIY Photo Booth


  • Plastic tablecloth (or other large piece of material, such as a bed sheet)
  • Masking tape
  • Props (these could be purchased or made.  I simply printed pictures from online, colored them, and had them laminated.  I taped them to popsicle sticks, and–voila!–instant props)
  • Camera



  • Hang tablecloth on flat wall using masking tape
  • Allow kids to choose props and have fun
  • Take pictures!



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