Checking Myself

Checking Myself


I love the kids that I work with.  Last week, one of them middle school boys asked me what all of my favorite things were.  A little while later, he handed me this masterpiece.

I know that teachers shouldn’t have favorites, but let’s be honest; we all do, and this child is one of mine.  Introvert.  Creative.  Deep thinker.  Lover of superheroes. Unknowingly selfish.  Quiet.  Melancholy.  OCD.

When I think about these children, I have to check myself.  I see so many attributes in them that I also see in myself.  Am I pleased that there are students acting like me?  Am I a positive influence for them to emulate?  Do I show them God’s love, grace, and patience?

Paul was so confident of his character that he was able to write, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ” (I Cor.  11:1).

Lord, make me like You.

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