Simplify your Mornings

Simplify your Mornings


The alarm rings. As you slap the offending noisemaker, you tumble to the floor. With your eyes still closed, you sloppily get dressed. As you scroll through your phone and rush out the door, you pour a cup of coffee and hope that it provides the caffeine needed to make it to lunch.


Mornings are my favorite part of the day. The world is quiet, the rising sun paints the sky, and creation is uninterrupted. Mornings are my time to refresh, refuel, and repair. Here are some tips to make your mornings just as relaxing.

  • Play encouraging music.  A day that starts with worship of the Savior is sure to be a great day.
  • Prepare your outfits the night before. Every night, I hang my clothes for the following day on a separate hook in my closet so that they are easily accessible in the mornings. I put any accessories (bracelets, earrings, shoes, hair clips, etc.) on my dresser. In the morning, I do not have to peruse through endless shirts until I find one that I like.
  • Have a routine. Your routine can definitely be flexible, but structure will help your mornings move smoothly. When I’m at home, I always get up, make my bed, put on clothes while checking Facebook and email, do my makeup, and go downstairs for breakfast. The order of those events rarely (if ever) changes.
  • Make breakfast ahead of time. Obviously, this is not always possible–egg sandwiches might not be the best leftover! However, you can do some prep work the night before (get out pans, measure ingredients, etc.), and you can make overnight oatmeal if you know that a morning is going to be particularly rushed.
  • Leave yourself enough time to do something fun or productive. During the school year, I leave myself about 15 minutes to study before class begins. Over the summer, I went for a short run every morning.  Leaving this extra time will help you feel less rushed.

Don’t neglect the precious, calm morning minutes; they can set the scene for your entire day!

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