Closing Comraderies: November {Lynna’s Wonderful Life}

Closing Comraderies: November {Lynna’s Wonderful Life}


Well guys, I made it through NaBloPoMo.  Thanks for all the “likes,” comments, and views.

November’s closing comrade is someone pretty great.  Lynna at Lynna’s Wonderful Life is one of the few bloggers that I know personally.  In middle school, Lynna’s husband was one of my teachers.  One of Lynna’s sisters taught me history, and another taught my computer class.  Lynna herself was the ever-smiling “office lady.”  Needless to say, my school had a family atmosphere.

When I asked Lynna to do a guest post, she told me to search her blog until I found the perfect post.  I could have spent hours looking through years of knowledge!  Lynna’s blog is full of encouragement, comedy, recipes, and stories of life.  Since Thanksgiving is past and we have entered the Christmas season, I chose this post to re-blog below.  Be sure to follow Lynna’s blog for more positive tales!

Since I hate shopping, nearing Christmas I will be checking the catalogs and online deals. I’ve learned the hard way that things are not always as they seem. Somehow items are beautifully photographed so that what you see is not especially what you get. A while back, Stephanie bought us these solar lanterns from a discount catalog. It was a great idea, because since we are renting, we can’t wire stuff at random. David worked to get them just right on either side of the door. We anticipated the soft glow after the sun charged up the solar tubes. Hmmm…….. the glow is much softer than anticipated. Because Steph had ordered online and had them shipped directly to us, she was happy to see them mounted when she visited some time later. Then she said, “How do you turn them on?” Her dad replied, “They ARE on.” After that, every time she walked by them she would say, “I am SO sorry.”

Lots of things look good on the surface. Life is tricky like that. Satan is even described as an angel of light. If he showed up in red long johns carrying a pitch fork, we might not be caught off guard so often. Usually he comes in the form of a great paying job, a hot new car, an opportunity to hang out with influential people, stuff that seems innocent and fulfilling. Next thing we know, we’re slaves to work, debt, and social networking. Our children no longer expect to get up and go to church on Sunday, because daddy’s playing golf with the boss and mommy’s too tired since she has a great career. Oops. Sorry. Went to meddlin’. Sure those examples are extreme, but is there stuff in your home you need to recognize as “not what it seems?”

Satan is a liar. Learn to identify the traps he sets for your family. Take a moment right now to assess your situation. It’s easier to defeat the enemy if he is recognized. Pretty things are not always what they seem.


2 Corinthians 11:13-15                    John 8:43-45


Thank you, Lynna, for giving me free choice on the guest post!  Your blog is always an encouragement!

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