Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood

Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood

You know that thing you just can’t throw away?  No matter how many times you purge your “junk,” it still remains in the same place.  I have quite a few of those things.  I fear that one day, I will wake up and find myself buried in my own useless trinkets.  Every time I come home for a holiday or break, I search my room, eliminating anything that I no longer need.  Nonetheless, some items stick behind.  Below are ten items that have amazingly survived the years of cleansing.

Ten Childhood Toys I Can’t Seem to Throw Away (And probably never will)

1. My baby doll


2. Fisher Price tape player


3. Kelly Dolls


4. Etch-a-Sketch


5. Duck Keychain Pez Dispenser (affectionately named Hubert)

Hubert6. Twinken

Twinken7. Disney Princess Wand


8. Build-a-Bear Rabbit (Katy Bunny)

23 - Childhood

9. First Act Accordion


10. Brenda Bender


Honorable mentions that are not pictured:

  • Magnetic Polly Pockets
  • The Wizard of Oz pop-up book

What childhood toys are you hanging onto?

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