Top Ten Tuesday: Beauty

Top Ten Tuesday: Beauty


“Turn around,”  the classmate approaching us commanded.

When my trio of friends turned to face the church we had just left, we saw the why.  The moon shone brilliantly above the roof.  It appeared so close that I felt I could touch it.

“Wait,” one of the girls with me called, “I want to get a picture.”  As she lifted her iPad, I shook my head.  The best camera in the world could not have done justice to the beauty God had painted that night.

It is no secret that I love to take pictures.  However, there are some beautiful things my camera will never capture.

Ten Things Too Beautiful for a Camera

1. The moon I saw Sunday night

2. Peace that passes understanding

3. The knowledge that someone is praying for you

4. The sound of international voices raised in praise to God

5. Friends conversing around a bonfire

6. A field of stars on a warm summer night

7. The tender love of an aged couple

8. Pure joy

9. The protection of a warm embrace

10.  The tinkling of children’s laughter

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