Once upon a time, there was a young believer.  With faith like a child, she accepted every truth of Scripture.  She grasped and treasured ever moment with her Lord, and she trusted that God directed the world with sovereignty.  Her faith could have moved mountains. 

As time wore on, she saw the glitter of the world.  Some acquaintances, who claimed God was dead, were prospering.  She, on the other hand, was struggling to make ends meet.  Didn’t God want her to be happy?  The rich cohorts ridiculed her faith, claiming it was a man-made invention.  “If your mystical God really cared about you,” they claimed, “He would give you what you want.” 

Her faith slipped.  One misstep at a time, she walked away from God for the glamor of the world.  In hopes of being like her affluent companions, she began spending time with them.  She worked extra shifts to fund the affluent lifestyle she sought.  After late Saturday nights out with the bounteous group, she chose sleep over church.  Her unopened Bible remained on the shelf. As she frolicked in her new life, she accepted her friends’ beliefs:  God was a man-made invention.

Before long, she was burnt out.  Despite the exhausting extra hours at work, she had gone into deep debt to match her friends.  Her heart, once so trusting and carefree, had become numb and hard.  Recalling the joy of her youthful faith, she felt drained.  Those paltry days had been peaceful, but she now had no where to find solace.  She had left God.  Surely He would not welcome her back. 

Is this you?  Have you forgotten your first love?  He hasn’t forgotten you.  Have you been unfaithful?  “He remains faithful” (II Timothy 2:13).  Have you failed to believe?  God’s faith is still effective (Romans 3:3).  “God is not man” (Numbers 23:19).  He does not change (Malachi 3:6).  He is the same God that loved you in the past, and He is compassionately waiting for you to love Him again (Luke 15:20).

Come back to Him.

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