My Friend Orion

My Friend Orion


When I was just a child, my dad introduced me to Orion, the warrior who made nightly visits to protect earth. Orion has been a faithful friend ever since. I always know where to find him; he appears and leaves approximately the same times every day. He stands unmoving, but his sword is always drawn, ready for battle.

Men have befriended Orion since the ancient times, and without saying a word, Orion delivers musings. How many eyes have counted the jewels in his belt? Who else is sharing an awe-full moment with me right now?

Some of the oldest extant writings refer to this faithful fighter. From a whirlwind, God questions Job, “Can you…loose the bands of Orion?” Of course not! In human terms, Orion is untouchable; no man can influence him in the least. Yet, this mighty man is just as humble as you and I.  God, who “maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the clambers of the south,” can manipulate Orion however He pleases.

When I see Orion, I am once again filled with childlike wonder. Billions of miles separate me from this giant in the sky. Imagine God’s magnificence. He “spread out the sky” as simply as I pour Scrabble tiles out of a bag. “When I consider the heavens, the work of [God’s] fingers,” I remember who I am–a finite creation made to serve an omnipotent God.

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