Christmas through the Years

Christmas through the Years

Close your eyes and take a step back.  It’s the late 1990s, and the world is filled with televisions playing The Santa Clause, cardboard Advent calendars, and children wishing for Game Boy Colors.  Hear Tim Allen’s jolly laugh.  Taste the foil-wrapped chocolate.  Cross your fingers and hope for your dream toy.  Reminisce.

childJump forward a few years to the mid-2000s.  Tim Allen has been replaced with Will Ferrell wearing a green tunic over yellow tights.  My teeth are sinking into mom’s fresh cinnamon rolls, and my classmates are all unwrapping Motorola Razors.  Sing of Christmas cheer.  Lick icing from your fingers.  Flip open the fragile phone.  Remember.

familyThis year, as Elsa sings “Let it Go,” I am busy baking raisin bread and scrolling through Pinterest on my iPad.  Cast your arms behind you in abandon.  Inhale the sweet aroma.  Feel the slick screen beneath your fingers.  Relish.


What will be happening in ten years?  Where will I be?  Who will be the latest star?  What will be the latest gadget?  Reminisce on the old memories.  Remember the pleasant past.  Relish the present.  Reform the future.

Merry Christmas.

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