The Morning of Christmas

The Morning of Christmas


‘Twas the first Christmas morning, and in Bethlehem’s town,

People were hurrying and scurrying around.

The Census had come. It was time to be counted–

That’s why everyone was scurrying about–and

Just down the road, below a crowded inn,

The animals had just watched a new life begin.

Inside their stable, there was a manger.

Inside of this trough, lay the new stranger.

Last night had been special.  The angels had sung.

The shepherds were fearful, but to town they had run.

They’d been to the stable.  They’d worshiped the King.

They gave what they had, though they had little to bring.

But now it was morning.  Did anyone care

About the Babe in the manger?  He was still lying there.

Maybe people were jostling for places in line

To make sure the census was counted in time.

Or maybe they were helping a harried spouse

Clean after the travelers who’d lodged in their house.

So they went through their day as if nothing was new,

As if they had something better to do.

But what could be better than time with the Child–

Our God born lowly, meek, and mild?

Now, on this Christmas, it’s time to believe

That Christ is the best gift we’ve ever received.

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