Sentimental Refashion

Sentimental Refashion

You know that one piece of clothing that you hold on to simply because you’ve had it forever?  I have a lot of those.  Rather than let those unworn garments hang uselessly in your closet, turn them into something useful.

I bought this jean skirt at a consignment shop the summer before seventh grade (don’t be surprised that I remember that; I can tell you the origin of every thread I own).  I proudly wore it the first day of school with a green, heart-covered shirt and pink plaid flats.  I felt trendy in that outfit, and I remember the following conversation with two high school girls.

Girl one:  I like your shoes.

Girl two:  I like your shirt.

Girl one:  We just like your whole outfit!

My year was made.  Here I was, lowly seventh grader, and high schoolers liked my clothes.  Success.


I couldn’t get rid of that skirt.

I also could no longer wear it.  As a college student, I try to dress a little nicer than a faded, ill-fitting denim skirt and t-shirt.  I like to look professional and put together.  Using an old purse strap and two fabric scraps, I put the unwearable garment to good use and made a simple cross-body tablet carrier.

To start, I turned my skirt inside-out and laid my tablet on it, marking a large rectangle around the tablet.   I then cut out the rectangle, and pinned the fabric scraps into place.

Measure and pin!

I used a simple straight-stitch to attach the fabric to the skirt.  I then sewed all the sides together, and, voila, I was done!

The front…and the back


What garments are you attached to, and how could you re-purpose them?


3 thoughts on “Sentimental Refashion

  1. How cool is that? Genius! And so very, very cute! I am attached to my half marathon t-shirts. I can’t wear them and I certainly can’t run that far anymore, but man I can’t let them go. I am proud I accomplished them. So maybe, a t-shirt blanket one day? 😀


    1. Thank you!

      I made t-shirt quilt from all of my travel shirts a few years ago…maybe I will eventually get around to posting the step-by-step photos I took of the process. It made a perfect blanket for my dorm room!

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