Orange Jell-O Fluff

Orange Jell-O Fluff


Some foods bring back memories.  My grandmother’s Orange Jell-O Fluff is not one of them…but it should be.  We eat this food at EVERY family gathering, but we never eat it on a normal day.  While it doesn’t necessarily bring back memories, Orange Jell-O Fluff does make me think of my cousins.  Then the memories pour in.  I smile as I recall games of Uno, Balderdash, and Sorry.  I chuckle at the mental site of us pretending to be ants from A Bug’s Life.  I remember riding down the “huge hill” on scooters and bicycles.  Because my family is spread across the globe, visits are sporadic, but I love making memories with them.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my grandma and I made multiple batches of Orange Jell-O Fluff.  Every batch was devoured quickly.  When I asked for her exact recipe, she chuckled.  “Well,” she said, “sometimes I use a big thing of cottage cheese, but sometimes I use a smaller container.  This time I used one and a half containers of Cool Whip.  I just always start with one box of Jell-O and add different amounts of the same ingredients to it.”

So if you don’t have exactly what is listed below, don’t despair.  This recipe is very forgiving and always delicious!

Orange Jell-O Fluff


  • One 6-oz. package orange Jell-O mix
  • One 11-oz. can mandarin oranges, drained
  • One 8-oz. can crushed pineapple, drained
  • One 16-oz. container cottage cheese
  • One 8-oz. container frozen whipped topping

(use more or less of any ingredient depending on preference)


  • Combine Jell-O, oranges, and pineapple.  Chill for thirty minutes.
  • Stir in cottage cheese.
  • Fold in whipped topping–do not over-stir!
  • Eat and enjoy!jello2

What foods bring memories back to you?

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