DIY Hair Bow Clips

DIY Hair Bow Clips

bowI make the same mistake every Christmas.  As soon as I am done opening presents, I head upstairs to my bedroom with the goal of finding a home for my new acquisitions.  Within minutes, I have a pile of “old stuff” ready to be donated to the nearest thrift shop in order to make room for my new gifts.  One girl can only own so much, you know…

This year, my creative grandma made me a zippered pillow that houses a throw blanket (that’s a really bad explanation.  It’s sort of like a quillow, but it is two separate pieces).  Because she knows that I love to craft, she gave me the leftover material for my own sewing enjoyment.  Suddenly, I had to use all of my old scrap material to make room for my new material.  I was an overjoyed, harried seamstress.

Thank goodness for Google and Pinterest.  Before long, the glue gun was plugged into the wall, and scissors were hacking the material into hastily measured pieces.  Inspired by this tutorial for making bows, I formed my own process for making cute hair accessories.  After successfully making a few bows, I photographed my personal process to share with others.

DIY Hair Bow Clips


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hair clip


  • Cut two pieces of material.  One should measure 5 x 6 inches.  The other should be approximately 2 x 6 inches.  bow1bow2
  • Slightly fold the edges of the larger piece over, and use hot glue to secure them.bow3bow4
  • Determine how large you want your bow to be.  Pinch the fabric together to get a visual of how large it currently is.  If it is too large, fold the shorter edges slightly in towards the center and secure them with a small dot of glue.bow5
  • Squeeze a dot of glue onto the center of your fabric.  Fold the long edges over to meet on the dot of glue.  Let dry.


  • Fold the long sides of the small piece of fabric in and secure with glue.


  • Squeeze a drop of glue onto the center of the back of your bow.  Place one end of the smaller fabric strip on this glue dot.


  • Tightly wrap the strip around the bow and secure in the back with glue.  Trim remaining material.
  • Glue the hair clip to the back of the bow.


  • Once all the glue has dried, flip your bow over.  Your bow is now ready to be worn!

bow10I hope you enjoy this project!  Show me photos of the finished product 🙂

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