Rainy Day Monsters

Rainy Day Monsters

For the past two weeks, it has been too rainy and cold to take the daycare students to the playground.  Not only are the students starting to get cabin fever, but the teachers are ready for change of scenery too!  Today, the temperatures dropped even lower, and the wet roads turned to sheets of ice.  As a result, school was cancelled.  Daycare, of course, was still open.

I created the following activity to keep the students entertained, and they loved it!  I hope your children enjoy it just as much!

Rainy Day MonstersBelow are some of the mischievous monsters that we drew on this dreary day.

alexis Ian Kat keelie noah

How do you beat the winter blues?

3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Monsters

  1. I love this activity! What a great way to practice learning right and left and body parts, and what awesome monsters! I just started a blog about food activities for kids at learntolovefood.com. They’re all fun (though some are a little messy) indoor activities 🙂 I’d love to hear what you think, if you have a chance to check then out!


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