Kaleidoscope Lives: An Introduction

Kaleidoscope Lives: An Introduction


I lifted the small cross to my eyes and watched as yellow beads, purple diamonds, and red glitter swirled in the light. The sight was beautiful. On a first-grade field trip to the zoo, my Dad told me I could choose one toy from the gift shop, and I selected the miniscule kaleidoscope. It was pretty enough on the outside; the yellow plastic glittered and reflected the sun. The truly remarkable sight, however, was the constantly-changing inner pieces.


Kalos, meaning “beautiful,” and eidos, meaning “form” are the two Greek roots that make up the word kaleidoscope. A beautiful form. A twisting, confusing, beautiful form.

Our lives are kaleidoscopic—constantly shifting scenes. The outside is a physical beauty itself, but the life inside is morphing and adjusting.  Too often, the inner swirling seems to blur any possible beauty.  Just like kaleidoscopes, we are chaotic, beautiful forms.

One of the essentials to viewing a kaleidoscope is a source of light. When I point my yellow kaleidoscope into my hand, the colors are muted and ugly. However, the scene is most beautiful when I aim it directly at a clear sky. Similarly, we need a source of Light flowing through us—the True Light, Jesus Christ.

Over the next few months, I plan to discuss some kaleidoscopes of the Bible—women that God warped and rotated for his dazzling, focused plan.  Through these Biblical accounts, we will see that God can transform the past, is twisting the present, and will fine-tune the future.

In her book Green’s Not Your Best Color, Mieka Phillips wrote, “God is the primary spectator in your life. Sometimes, the twisting and turning may cause your picture to get fuzzy…[but] if we let God fine-tune us, our lives will come brilliantly back into focus.” Be prepared to be twisted, turned, and amazed.

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