Top Ten Tuesday: Daycare Delights

Top Ten Tuesday: Daycare Delights


The pay is average.  Kids don’t always listen.  The “benefits” are nonexistent.

So why work at a daycare?

There are many reasons.  Below are my top ten.


Ten Reasons I Love My Job

1. My coworkers are wonderful.

2. I get to color.

3. My boss rocks.

4. The kids make me laugh.

(remind me to tell you the story sometime about a shoe, sprinkles, and a broom…that day was an adventure!)

5.  Working weekends is unheard of.

6.  Some stores will give me a teacher’s discount.

7. I’m not going to lie–I like getting paid.

8. I have the opportunity to influence children.

9. Occasionally, I get to act like a little kid.

10.  The hours generally work well with my classes.


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