Kaleidoscope Lives: Entrapping Ebony

Kaleidoscope Lives: Entrapping Ebony


Transforming the Past


Afflicted, Disheveled

Shaking, Worrying, Conceding

Jesus transformed her life

Worshiping, Giving, Serving

Sane, Devoted


Since her dirty nails had already been gnawed to stubs, she sucked on a dry knuckle.  She never knew when the anxiety would hit, but she feared it constantly.  Running a bony hand through her disheveled hair, she stood.  Maybe if she busied herself, she would quit worrying.

For years, Mary, a prosperous woman from Magdala, had been possessed by seven demons.  Although her business had not suffered, her spirit had.  She was constantly nervous and paranoid; occasionally, her body shook with epileptic seizures.  In a word, Mary was afflicted.

Mary had relinquished her hope for healing and accepted that she would spend the rest of her life in turmoil.  Her friends told her of a prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, who could supposedly work miracles, but she had little hope.  Nothing else had worked, and she was tired of being disappointed.

“Go out from her.”

Suddenly, Mary felt something she had not felt in years.  It was a feeling she had almost forgotten.  Even now, it was as if she was living in the dream of a dream.  Was this…relief?  Peace?

Freedom.  Mary, once deranged and nervous, became one of Jesus’ most faithful followers.  She used her own money to fund Jesus’ ministry, and she was present at his death.  Jesus honored her faith by appearing to her before anyone else after His resurrection.

Mary’s gratitude for freedom is what tethered her to the cause of Christ.  Has Christ freed you?  Are you living an emancipated service to Him?

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