Top Ten Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Puns

Top Ten Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Puns

Maybe you hate the color red.  Perhaps are miserably single.  Possibly you are allergic to roses.  Whatever your reasons are for wanting a unconventional Valentine’s Day greeting, I’ve got you covered!

I used the following puns to make cards with the children at daycare, and the Valentines turned out adorable. Sadly, I didn’t take pictures.  However, I included links to posts on other blogs which made crafts similar to mine.

Ten Valentine’s Day Puns

1. I’d snap at the chance to be your valentine.  (from Skip to My Lou)

vday2. You’re the Purrr-fect Valentine! (from Crafty Morning)

vday3. Hogs and Kisses! (from Kids Soup)

vday4. Won’t Chew Be Mine? (from Cupcake Cutiees)

vday5. No one holds a candle to you! (from ??? I can’t find the original source!)

vday6. You’re so sweet! (from Kayla’s Daily Doodle)

vday7. You’re the apple of my eye! (from Carly Skinner)

vday8. Waddle you say…will you be my Valentine?  (from ??? couldn’t find original source, again)

(You could also do this with ducks)

vday9. I’m stuck on you (from Kiwi and Company)

vday10. No lion, you’re grrrrrreat! (from Little Family Fun)


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