Kaleidoscope Lives: Salvific Scarlet

Kaleidoscope Lives: Salvific Scarlet


Transforming the Past


Contemptible, Immoral

Enticing, Shaming, Defiling

God transformed her life

Serving, Protecting, Trusting

Brave, Commendable


“Let us in!”  The door shook as someone pounded against it. “LET US IN!!  We know they are in there!”

Rahab cautiously opened the door a crack and peeked out.  “Can I help you?” she inquired.

A throng of men wielding swords shoved past her.  “Where are they?” one of the men demanded, grabbing Rahab’s shoulders.  “Where have you hidden them?”

Rahab sputtered.  “Wh-Who?”

“You know who!” the gruff voice demanded.  “Two Israelite spies were seen entering your house.  We know they are here to gather information and defeat our city.  What have you done with them?”

“Th-there were two men here earlier…but they left when the city gates were closing.  I-I don’t know where they went.”

“AAAaaaah!!”  The man threw Rahab to the floor. ” We have to find those men!  Which way did they go?”

Rahab pulled herself to a sitting position.  “They were headed towards the Jordan River.  They cannot have gone far; if you hurry, you can catch them!”

In a rush, the men left Rahab’s house in search of the two spies.

Rahab, a prostitute, had heard the rumors streaming through the city.  The once-enslaved nation of Israel, was headed towards Jericho, the walled city Rahab inhibited.  On their own, the young Hebrew nation would pose no threat to the city.  However, their God was working miracles in their favor.  As they had approached the Red Sea, their God had divided the water for them to cross and crashed the water onto the pursuing Egyptian army.  Despite their lack of military experience, Israel had easily defeated two mighty Amorite kings.  Jericho was terrified of being added to the list of armies miraculously defeated by the Israelite’s God.

Rahab scurried to an area of her roof where she kept the flax she needed for her dyeing business.  “Men.  Men! Get up! You must flee!”

The two Israelite spies rose from under the flax.  Quickly, Rahab explained the scheme she devised to save the pursued men.  They were to escape out her window on a red cord and hide in the mountains three days.  “Before you leave,” she pleaded, “Promise me–promise me that you will protect me just as I have protected you!”

Just over a week later, Rahab’s family sat huddled in her house.  Once a day for the past seven days, Israel had marched around the city, but no attack had come. Jericho did not know what to do.  Should they instigate the fight?  Should they cower in terror?

Suddenly, the entire Hebrew army began to shout.  The earth shook, and the entire city came crashing down–the except for Rahab’s house.  The Hebrew spies had kept their promise to protect Rahab because she had protected them.

God did not discriminate against Rahab for her immoral crimes; He forgave her and used her willing heart as His instrument of salvation.  Never think that you have gone beyond God’s realm of redemption.

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