Six on Saturday

Six on Saturday


Despite sub-zero weather, it has been an excellent week.  Here are six reasons:

1. Sunday morning, I kept a half dozen three-year-olds in the nursery.  They were actually obedient, congenial, and affable!

2. I left work an hour early on Monday because the snow started falling and quickly covered the streets.

3. I had neither school nor work on Tuesday.  What a relaxing, stress-free day!

4. For lunch on Wednesday, the cafeteria served spaghetti squash.

5. On Thursday night, we celebrated a friend’s birthday at Cracker Barrel.  Laughter, friendly teasing, and good food made for a great evening.

6. Due to lingering snow, ice, and frigid weather, my boss graciously gave me the morning shift off on Friday.  I got an extra hour of sleep!Why has your week been good?

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