Incomprehensible and Knowable

Incomprehensible and Knowable


It’s the beautiful, perplexing paradox of our Creator.  He is incomprehensible, yet He is knowable.  We cannot understand His infinite power, but we can have a personal relationship with Him.

Incomprehensible [in-kom-pri-hen-suh-buh l] – adjective

  1. impossible to understand or comprehend
  2. Archaic. limitless; not limited or capable of being limited

God is far beyond my grasp.  When I try to imagine His power, greatness, and might, my brain honestly feels like it must expand to contain the knowledge.  He knows the number and names of the stars (Ps. 147:4).  His voice thunders (Job 40:9).  He owns the earth and everything in it (Ps. 24:1).  He is beyond my finite perception.  Romans 11:33-36 says it perfectly: “His ways are past finding out.”

Knowable [nohuh-buh l] – adjective

  1. capable of being known

God is also relational.  In human terms, He desires to be our Father (2 Cor. 6:18).  On earth, I have a great relationship with my father.  He shows his love by providing my needs, giving me advice, teaching me, going on walks, the list is endless.  My physical dad is imperfect, however.  How much greater must God’s love be.  He also will provide my needs (Phil. 4:19), give wisdom (James 1:5), and talk to me (Ps. 17).  He will never fail to show His love, and He will never make a mistake.

I will never fully comprehend God on earth, no matter how many facts I learn about Him.  However, I can have an intimate relationship with Him forever.

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