Kaleidoscope Lives: Teardrop Blue

Kaleidoscope Lives: Teardrop Blue


Twisting the Present


Barren, Provoked

Crying, Praying, Waiting

God twisted her situation

Singing, Praising, Rejoicing

Blessed, Pregnant



Rather than the traditional Bible study, let’s play a game.   How well do you know the story of Hannah praying for a son?  How well do you know Taylor Swift’s song lyrics?  Your knowledge of both of these subjects is about to be tested.

Flip through the following questions and try to determine if each statement is (a) from the biblical account of Hannah or (b) a lyric written by Taylor Swift.  Some of the answers may surprise you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So how did you do?  Did any stump you?

If you would like to use these slides for a personal lesson, you can download my original PowerPoint presentation by clicking this link: Hannah or T Swift

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