Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband


Whether or not you are a fan of Megan Trainor, you have to admit that her song Dear Future Husband speaks mounds of truth.  In the song, Megan tells her future husband “some things [he needs] to know if [he wants] to be [her] one and only.”  Among the list of attributes, Megan expects her future husband to be a classic gentleman, taking her on dates, buying her flowers, and opening the door for her.  He should tell her that she is beautiful every night.  Even when she acts crazy (and let’s be honest–we are all crazy at times), he should treat her like a lady.  Megan says, “Don’t have a dirty mind; just be a classy guy.”

I want my future husband to do a lot of the same things.  I want him to show me his love and tell me that I am gorgeous.  In my opinion, every man should have a clean mind and be classy.

As I listened to Megan’s song for the first time, I began authoring a mental letter to my future husband, telling him what I expect out of our life-long, monogamous relationship.

Dear future husband,

  • Date me until we die, buy me flowers, and hold my hand.
  • If you are marrying me, you are entering a long-term relationship with a highly human individual.  Don’t expect me to be perfect.  I will likely fail daily, so please forgive me.
  • Don’t lie to me.
  • Stand up for me and defend our family. 
  • Never let me doubt that you find me beautiful. 
  • Although I am incredibly independent, I need you to lead me.  Just as God made Adam to be the leader in the Garden-home, be the initiator in our household.  Make decisions for our family based off of God’s Word. 
  • Don’t keep secrets from me, but surprise me.
  • Keep my “love tank” full. 

In return, I promise to do the same.

  • I will date you until we die, come faithfully beside you, and hold your hand.
  • I will patiently forgive you.
  • I will not lie to you.
  • I will defend you when necessary.
  • I will tell you that you are handsome.  You are my “one and only.”
  • I will respect your decisions.
  • I will not keep secrets from you, but I will surprise you.
  • I will keep your “love tank” full. 

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