The Maturation of a Thought

The Maturation of a Thought

It all started in the shower (admit it–this is where you do all of your thinking).  I was mentally planning my weekend, and I knew that shopping was definitely on the agenda (along with the ubiquitous studying, of course).  But what stores?  Are there any coupons available?  What exactly did I need?  Suddenly, my mind was racing.

This is typical for me.  I never have a solitary thought.  Even when I appear focused on one duty (writing a blog post, for example), I am usually working on some other tasks as well (such trying to find a specific dress for a cheaper price).  Needless to say, I am that person who never has less than three tabs open on my web browser.

Maybe that is why I hate disorganized clutter so much–my mind is so busy that I cannot handle an exterior mess as well.

Here is just a glimpse of the lifespan of a thought in my mind.


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