Kaleidoscope Lives: Valiant Violet

Kaleidoscope Lives: Valiant Violet


Fine-Tuning the Future


Beloved, Secretive

Obeying, Beautifying, Waiting

God’s system of salvation

Inviting,  Accusing, Succeeding

Humble, Fearful


“Perhaps, Esther, God has brought you to the kingdom for such a time as this.”

Esther sucked in a jagged breath.  Yes, her cousin was right.  Haman had convinced the king of Persia, Esther’s husband, to write a law commanding the destruction of all Jews.  If she did not approach her husband the entire Jewish nation, including herself, would be killed.  However, it was unlawful for her to come before the king without being summoned.  Knowing that she risked death with either option, she replied to Mordecai, “Go, gather the Jews together and fast for three days.  My maidens and I will do the same.  Then I will speak to King Ahasuerus….and if I die, I die.”

Three days later, Esther dressed in her finest royal garments and entered the king’s courts.  Miraculously, Ahaseurus openly welcomed Esther.  “What would you like, my queen?”  asked the king.  “Just speak the word, and it is yours.  I will give you up to half of the kingdom!”

Boldly, Esther made her request.  “If you would like, dear king, come with Haman today to a banquet I have prepared.”

The king laughed jollily, “Yes!  Splendid idea!  Come, Haman, let’s go feast with Esther!”

As they were eating, the king prodded Esther, “Isn’t there more you would like?  You are a wonderful wife, and I will give you up to half of the kingdom!”

“If I have found favor in your sight,” replied Esther, “and if you are willing to grant my request, come again with Haman tomorrow.  Then I will tell you my petition.”

The king returned the following day, and Esther presented her plea for deliverance.  As a result, the Jews were protected from certain death.

Esther, a humble orphan, was God’s instrument to save an entire nation.  Her location likely seemed unjust and inopportune, but God’s plan perfectly worked through her.  God still works through lives that are completely surrendered to Him.

Were you placed into a situation “for such a time as this?”

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