30 before 30: Food Truck

30 before 30: Food Truck


A few days after posting my 30 Before 30 list, my mom sent me a link to the Burke Street Food Truck Festival Facebook Page.  Since my college is only a few blocks from Burke Street, I decided to check out the festival and cross another goal off of my to-do list.

I didn’t know what I was in for.

I expected a lot of people.  I expected long lines.  I expected good food.


I didn’t expect that many people.

I didn’t expect the wait for food to be that long.

I did not expect dogs (mainly because I didn’t even consider it).


The food, however, did not disappoint.

We decided to walk to the festival from school because the weather was gorgeous and we knew that parking would be an issue.  I had scoped out some of the food trucks online, and I really wanted a Korean taco from Urban Street Grill.  Surprisingly, it was the first truck we came to.  Once we saw the sprawling line, however, we decided to further examine the festival before dedicating our entire night to waiting for a ginger-chicken taco.

Brother had heard rave reviews from friends about Camel City Grill, and he was eager to try a peanut butter, jelly, and bacon burger.  After a short stint in line, he ordered and was given an estimated 15-minute wait.


While we waited, I ordered Vietnamese noodles with kale at Small Potatoes Mobile Kitchen. The wait was less than a minute.


The noodles were delicious.  They had a nice balance of crunch (from peanuts and veggies), spice, and  sauce.  I would definitely recommend them!


Upon seeing an empanada truck, Mom decided it was worth the wait.


So we waited.  During the wait, Brother’s order was filled, and he brought his burger for us to try.  Being a huge fan of peanut butter and jelly, I found this burger very tasty.  The red pepper jelly added a nice kick.  Sadly, I managed to only take one picture of the burger, and all you can see is the thick brioche roll.  You will just have to take my word that this burger was really good!


We continued to wait for empanadas.  For a long time.  And the line didn’t move.


And then we gave up.

We began to head back towards Urban Street Grill.  The line was still ridiculously long, but we noticed that Soom Soom Pita Pockets had a remarkably short line.


Mom and Brother ordered a chicken shawarma pita (and a black cherry soda), and I asked for creme fraiche with berries.


Although the “order” line was moving quickly, the “pick up” line dawdled.  We waited on a nearby curb, chatted with fellow-festival-goers, and waited (again).


The food was probably worth the wait, though.


My sweet dessert hit the spot!foodtruck13

As we walked back to the school, we passed the empanada truck again.  The people who had been standing directly in front of us in line had not yet reached the window to order.  We definitely made the right decision to finish the night at a different truck!

I have now completed two of my goals – only 28 more to go!

7 thoughts on “30 before 30: Food Truck

  1. Thank you very much for coming. We love your pictures and blog post about the event. We know the lines were long, and we appreciate your patience.

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