“Spilt Milk” Craft

“Spilt Milk” Craft

Yesterday, I discussed the abstract beauty of spilt milk.  Today, I am going to teach you how to spill your milk in a beautiful way.

I have done this craft with both elementary students and college peers, and both groups enjoyed naming their creations.  With basic craft-cabinet supplies and a little bit of creative thinking you can make your own abstract paintings as well.


  • Paint
  • Construction paper
  • Straws (optional)



  • Fold each sheet of paper in half.


  • Squeeze a small puddle of paint onto the middle of the paper.


  • (Optional: use a straw to blow or smear the paint around the paper.)


  • Re-fold the paper along the same crease.


  • Unfold the paper.


  • Let dry and name your creation.

spillmilk7 spillmilk8 spillmilk9

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