Top Ten Tuesday: Bargain Breakfast

Top Ten Tuesday: Bargain Breakfast


I sympathize.  Really, I do.  I understand that you are a poor college student, and you are starving for a cheap, filling, nutritious breakfast.  That is why I have composed a list of ten super-cheap items that can be paired in a variety of ways to assemble a wholesome breakfast for less than $1.

Top Ten Items to Build a $1 Breakfast

(prices listed are per serving)

  1. Oatmeal ($.15)
  2. Trail Mix ($.25)
  3. Multigrain Waffle ($.30)
  4. Yogurt ($.40)
  5. Fresh Fruit (varies—buy fruit in season for the cheapest prices)
  6. Granola Bar ($.30)
  7. Peanut Butter ($.15)
  8. Cereal ($.20)
  9. Eggs ($.20)
  10. Turkey Bacon ($.10)


Examples of a $1 breakfast:

  • oatmeal + peanut butter + apple = $.80
  • waffle + egg + bacon = $.60
  • yogurt + cereal = $.60
  • granola bar + banana = $.80
  • trail mix + yogurt = $.65

Although you could pair these foods in literally thousands of combinations, there are dozens of other items that you could swap into your pairings.  Sausage links, rice cakes, string cheese, toast, jelly, and bagels are also great ideas.  To save even more money, buy store-brand items and check your weekly papers for sales.

What are your frugal breakfast staples?

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