Top Ten Tuesday: Sophomore Year

Top Ten Tuesday: Sophomore Year


I am currently trudging through the last week of classes before final exams.  As I have been reflecting on the past nine months, I realized that school teaches you much more than just basic facts.  Yes, I completed the assigned papers and memorized the presented material, but I also learned about myself, the world, and my God during Sophomore year.  College is a time to grow in many aspects–physically, cognitively, personally, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.  These years may be hard, but they are definitely worth it!

Ten Things I Learned Sophomore Year

1. God has never failed, and He is not going to begin failing now.

Numbers 23:19 states, “God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it?”  As I wrote in January, “God is faithful.  He is just.  He is trustworthy.”  God is God, and I am man.

2. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandella

I cannot tell you how many tears I shed this year because I was purely overwhelmed.  School, work, church, and personal obligations all seemed to pile on top of each other.  Because of God’s faithfulness, it was all completed.

3. Total health involves spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical aspects. 

Ten Essentials of Happy, Healthy People is the best book that I have ever read for a class.

4.I don’t have to respond.

When the kid at work tries to convince me that he can run 10 miles in 15 minutes, I don’t have to prove him wrong.

5. You can make frozen waffles in the microwave.

It’s true.  It’s best if you let them thaw about five minutes and then microwave them for thirty seconds.  They don’t get crispy, but they still taste good!

6.  “Oh Captain, My Captain” is written about Abraham Lincoln.

I can also quote the entire poem now if you would like to hear it.

7. Green beans can actually taste good.

Thank you, 12 Bones, for changing my opinion.  I am forever indebted.

8. People show and receive love in a variety of ways.

The second best book that I have ever been required to read for a class is The Five Love Languages of Children.
It will completely alter the way that you treat individuals.

9. I am distracted way too easily.

Right now, I am technically studying for my Pentateuch test.  I walked over to my desk to get my planner, and I saw this draft open on my laptop.  Now I am adding to it instead of memorizing the Egyptian gods and their relation to the ten plagues.

10.  While I am on earth, God will never be done working on me.

Just like the road in front of my school and the buildings I pass on my walks, I am still under construction…and I am very glad to know that He will continue to whittle my life to make me more like His Son.

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