Top Ten Tuesday: Daycare Staff

Top Ten Tuesday: Daycare Staff


This is my final week of working at a daycare for the foreseeable future.  While I will miss my kids and coworkers, I am looking forward to the adventures that await me this summer.  As I was reflecting on the past few years as a daycare staff member and supervisor, I realized that I have gained some odd habits because of my time with the kids.

Top Ten Signs that You Work at a Daycare

1.  Whenever you are with a group, you start counting bodies to ensure that no one has run away.

2. You accidentally tell your friends to quiet down and then realize that you are not responsible for them.

3. “Potty” is a common word in your vocabulary.

4. Your room is decorated with children’s paintings and drawings.

5. Animal crackers are your go-to snack.

6. Nap time is when you complete the most work.

7. Your bladder can hold a large amount for a long time.

8. You strongly emphasize the muscle- and bone-building power of milk.

9. You understand that a Hello Kitty or Power Ranger Band-Aid can heal any wound.

10. You greatly appreciate the fence around the playground.

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