Kaleidoscope Lives: Eve {Guilty Green}

Kaleidoscope Lives: Eve {Guilty Green}

KaleidoscopeTesting the Pupil


Original, Blameless

Fellowshipping, Relishing, Cleaving

She heeded to temptation

Biting, Offering, Falling

Marred, Sinful



“Starfruit. No, wait. Mango! Yes, mango is the best fruit! Okay, your turn Adam.” As Eve and Adam roamed through the garden, they continued their conversation with God. Everyday, they enjoyed the unhindered presence of their omnipotent Creator.

          “Did God say that you could not eat of every tree of the garden?”

          The unfamiliar voice caught Eve off guard. She had only ever talked to God or Adam. Who was this? “We can eat from any tree in the garden,” Eve replied. “But we cannot eat or touch the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden. If we do, we will die.”

          A serpent made its way down the tree, laughing at her gullibility. “You won’t die. God only told you that because he knows the power of this tree. If you eat its fruit, you will become like Him. You will know good and evil.  He doesn’t want any competition for control.”

          Eve glanced at the forbidden tree. The fruit was a dazzling green. It shimmered and simultaneously appeared darker than grass but lighter than a lime. She tentatively picked the bulbous fruit from the tree and turned it in her hand. Was the serpent right? Maybe one bite would be okay.

          It tasted delicious, like nothing she had ever eaten. It was tangy, sweet, and refreshing. She turned to Adam. “You must try this. It is the best fruit in the garden!” Without hesitation, Adam took a bite.

          The shame hit them out of nowhere. They were…naked.

          As a result of their sin, Adam and Eve both received targeted curses and were kicked out of the garden. Furthermore, death entered the world and all mankind received a sin nature.

Sin can look beautiful, but it always brings consequences.

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